Galveston Living: History & Community

What's it like living in Galveston, TX?

What’s it like living in Galveston, TX?

It’s often observed that geography creates an imprint of its character on those who live within it. Those who live on islands, for example, seem to generate a relaxed and friendly community, a group of people who know at some level that they are isolated from the rest of the world and need to build strong ties to their neighbors. And those who live in Galveston seem to have adopted this norm.

So Near, Yet so Far

Consider Galveston’s location on the Gulf Coast. Despite being built on an island, it’s only an hour’s drive from Houston. This loose connection to the mainland, and one of the biggest cities in the country, doesn’t seem to diminish the island’s character or the effect it has on the locals. While no city is without its problems, Galveston’s sense of community is deep enough to give residents, both current and potential, reassurance that they can make a life here.

The Old and the New

Like so many places, Galveston is built on history. Sometimes joyous, sometimes challenging, but all helping to shape the city. That history is documented, preserved and commemorated in a number of ways, particularly with the Strand historic district and various buildings owned and operated by Mitchell Historic Properties.

At the same time, Galveston is always looking toward the future, with new residents coming into town and new construction going up. Whatever short-term dips in population might come about, the city as a whole is building for a bigger tomorrow.

A Small Town in a Big World

One of the amazing things about Galveston is how it keeps that small “island town” feel even when it’s showing off some big city conveniences. Take, for example, the Thompson Building Lofts and Butterowe Building Lofts. Once upon a time, they were old buildings just looking out on the street, maybe used as an office or storage, but often sitting empty. Now they’re the core of some of the roomiest and most up-to-date living accommodations in Galveston, close to the Strand as well as the harbor. It’s places like these that offer comfort and modernity to the close and casual island community.

If you’re thinking about moving off the mainland, we invite you to check out the historic Galveston lofts and event venues¬†available through Mitchell Historic Properties and see if you’ve found a new home. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions or inquiries regarding Galveston or our properties.