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We’ve all walked past old buildings that are striking to us in some fashion and wondered, “Do they have any apartments in there?” There’s a sense of traveling back in time when you’re in a place that has a patina of history to it, a sense that’s even more pronounced when it’s going to be your home. For those looking for such a place in Galveston, one possible opportunity can be found at the Thompson Building.

The Thompson Lofts are the residential side of the Thompson Building, comprising seven units and a common area on the second floor of the building. Each unit has all of the modern amenities one would expect in a loft apartment, including top-quality appliances and the highest-quality materials in the kitchen and bathroom. And just because the building is historic doesn’t mean that the latest in modern conveniences, such as phone and data lines, are lacking. Best of all, the lofts have all been constructed with an eye towards making sure any neighboring small businesses aren’t disturbing you and vice versa, using the best anechoic materials available combined with double-walled construction.

As far as the neighborhood goes, you’ve got a prime location near a lot of the interesting places in and around the Strand Historical District. Just across the street from Saengerfest Park and just down the road from Hendley Green, there are plenty of open spaces to walk about and enjoy, along with great waterfront views from the balconies of the lofts where you can experience local events from a commanding viewpoint without ever leaving your home. Or you can just hop down the stairs and join the festivities.

While the kitchens may come with top-flight appliances and granite countertops, there are times where you’re just not in the mood to cook. This is not a problem and we don’t hold it against you. Particularly since there’s a wealth of fine restaurants within easy walking distance of the Thompson Building. Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining or you just need to grab a coffee and a snack, there’s something to suit your needs, whatever they might be at the moment.

Since there are a limited number of units available in the building and demand is very high, the best way to find out when a unit becomes available is to get in touch with Mitchell Historic Properties and add your name to our waiting list. Once a unit opens up, you might just be our newest occupant!

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There are currently no vacancies at this location.
Please contact our Residential Leasing Coordinator, Keisha Heck,
at (409) 761-4110 to inquire about upcoming vacancies or to be added to a waiting list.

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