Galveston Engagement Photos: 8 Perfect Locations

engagement photos in galveston

For any wedding, there will almost certainly be pictures – maybe only a few, maybe enough to make a memory card error out. But, before tying the knot, you may want to commemorate the engagement with something a little more polished than a selfie with the fiancé and the engagement ring. When immortalizing the feelings of this special moment as a couple, don’t take your setting for granted. Here are eight picturesque locations for Galveston engagement photos that provide character and set the mood.

The Playful

Saengerfest Park, Galveston Beach

For all the solemnity of marriage, injecting a sense of whimsy and play into an engagement photo is definitely an aesthetic choice worth pursuing. One possibility might be to make use of the giant chess set at Saengerfest Park, setting up the pieces in a certain way to frame you and your fiancé. Another thought is to set up on the beach, romping on the sand or in the surf, to get those pseudo-candid shots.

The Cosmopolitan

Tremont House, Hotel Galvez, The Strand

A sense of the “trendy,” a feeling of modern style combined with a touch of classic cool, it’s an atmosphere that can be difficult to capture on film, but if done right expresses the sentiment of two people having found each other in the middle of all the hustle and bustle in the world. Hotel lobbies like those at Tremont House or Hotel Galvez would be good places to shoot. A busy corner on the Strand might also suffice.

The Dramatic

Pier 21, Galveston Beach, Rooftop Bar at Tremont House

If you’re wanting to inspire a sense of the epic – the start of a long journey by two people into a much larger world – there are ways of accomplishing it in Galveston. Think about a shot at dawn, the two of you watching the sun come up while sitting on the beach. Or a shot at sunset from the Rooftop Bar on top of Tremont House, watching the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. Even a shot of the two of you on Pier 21, perhaps near the cruise ship port, can have dramatic weight depending on the time of day.

The Candid

Streets of Galveston

Not deliberately whimsical, but certainly carrying more of a spontaneous feel than the other types, these kinds of shots could happen literally anywhere in Galveston. It might be a recap of special places you’ve been in town together. Or it could be a picture that truly captures a fleeting moment in time, precious because of its ephemeral nature.

Wherever you plan to take your engagement photos in Galveston, however they’re lit and shot, Mitchell Historic Properties is happy to help provide the backdrops to these special moments.