How to Choose the Perfect Galveston Party Venue for your Event

choosing a galveston party venue

Big events in your life are likely going to require big event venue rentals for you and yours to properly celebrate. Mitchell Historic Properties offers a selection of party venues suitable for all kinds of event plans. If you’re still figuring out how to choose a venue, or trying to decide which of our spaces might be a good fit, consider the following.

Location, Location, Location

Event venues in Galveston have a lot in common with each other, even when they’re radically different from each other. The first thing to keep in mind when looking at different venues is location. Mitchell Historic Properties are all in prime spots close to the marina. Many have excellent views from lofty angles where you can look out on the Strand or even across the harbor.

Living in History

When booking an event venue with us, you’re adding to the rich and colorful history of Galveston, and the history of all that have come before you surrounds you every step of the way. Naturally, all the necessary modern conveniences have been put in place to help make your event go as smoothly as possible. Just because you’re living in history doesn’t mean you have to be tied down by it.

Room to Breath (and Party)

The question should never be, “How many people are we going to have?” It should be, “How big a space can we get?” From the relatively intimate space of the second floor in the Hutchings Sealy building to the expansive outdoor areas of Pier 21 and Saengerfest Park, the one thing you won’t have to worry about when planning your next event is people feeling crowded or cramped.

Reason to Celebrate

It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating, so long as you’re celebrating. Wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners can very easily be handled in our interior venues, while the stage at Saengerfest Park or the open air areas of Pier 21 make for wonderful places to have an outdoor ceremony.

Birthday parties both formal and casual are typically more suited to indoors, as well as anniversaries and bar or bat mitzvahs. For those events with a number of years associated to them, a historical building can reinforce themes of longevity and serve as an excellent backdrop for photos or videos.

Even if you just want to have a good time by hosting a social engagement with your closest friends and family, our party venues can handle anything. When you need a place to celebrate, contact Mitchell Historic Properties to see which of our beautiful venues we have available for you.