Creating the Ultimate Galveston Romantic Getaway at the Tremont House

Romantic Galveston Getaway at Tremont House

When you want to get away for a romantic weekend vacation, or even a long-delayed honeymoon, you may be wondering where to go that will hit the proper notes of comfort, luxury and amorous enjoyment – something a bit more exciting than the typical motel.

For those trying to find that perfect location, we, at Mitchell Historic Properties, are delighted to suggest The Tremont House Hotel for the following reasons.

1. A Name That Conjures History

Like a lot of buildings, particularly downtown, Tremont House is certainly a historic hotel. It’s actually the third building in town to bear the name, the first one having burned down in 1865 and the second demolished in 1928.

2. The Downtown Hotel

While Harbor House Hotel is right on the pier and Hotel Galvez is on the beach (and both easily accessible by shuttle), Tremont House is right in the middle of downtown, close to where all the action is.

3. Suite Spots

While there may be other hotels that have suites, few have suites quite like Tremont House. The Tremont Suite is probably one of the best ones available, particularly for those looking to enjoy a honeymoon getaway or those looking to rekindle their romance.

4. Galveston Sunsets & Tequila Sunrises

If there’s one feature that no other hotel in town can claim, it’s the presence of a rooftop bar – and not just a rooftop bar, but one that has quite possibly the best view in town of the harbor. After a long day, it’s a nice little spot to get away and relax for a bit to watch the town shift over from day to night.

5. A Smaller Wedding

While Hotel Galvez tends to be the go-to spot for the big wedding events with massive guest lists and a small army of support staff, Tremont House offers options for those who want something smaller but no less elegant in a wedding venue. And for those who plan to catch the next boat to Cancun right after the reception, it’s only a short walk to the cruise ship terminal.

Mitchell Historic Properties

The Tremont House is one of many wonderful buildings owned by Mitchell Historic Properties, and it’s one that we hope will be able to serve your needs. Look over our web site, check out the going rates and book yourself a reservation today.