5 Cool Things About Galveston’s Harbor House

harbor house hotel on galveston waterfront
Among all the hotels that are available to stay in when visiting Galveston, only one is right on the waterfront, the Harbor House Hotel. And with it being on the water, it’s got a few things going for it that you’re not going to find elsewhere in Galveston.

1. Historic Location

Like a lot of places in Galveston, the Harbor House Hotel didn’t just spring into existence out of nothing. Prior to the hotel’s construction, a steamship terminal was on the site. It’s a little comforting that not much has changed on Pier 21 since that time, but we’re still glad the hotel’s there.

2. Closest to the Ships

Heading out on a cruise along the eastern coast of Mexico or down to Belize? The Harbor House can put you up before you head out to sea. Going out to see the dolphins on a tour boat? The Harbor House can put you up. Just can’t sleep without the sound of the water close by? Harbor House can help out.

3. Freshest Seafood in Galveston

The Harbor House Hotel has Olympia, The Grill at Pier 21, easily accessible from the first floor. And given its proximity to the water, it’s a tossup whether Olympia has the freshest seafood in Galveston or if that honor goes to other nearby locations like Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Grill or Willie G’s Seafood and Steakhouse. Pace yourself if you try to find out by sampling them all.

4. Friendly Neighbors

Being on the pier, the Harbor House doesn’t quite have the space for amenities like a pool or a spa. However, it does have a shuttle running back and forth between it and the Hotel Galvez, which does have those particular amenities. So if you want to take a dip or work out some kinks, you can save yourself a walk and just catch the next bus.

5. Easy Fun

Since it is on Pier 21, the Harbor House is practically in shouting distance from a number of cultural institutions and attractions covering the city’s history. From the Pleasure Pier to the Grand 1894 Opera House to the Strand Historic District, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find something to do during your stay.

Mitchell Historic Properties

Whether you’re stopping over before heading out into the Gulf or you’re planning on staying a little while, book a room at the Harbor House Hotel, and take some time to check out the other Mitchell Historic Properties’ locations around Galveston.