5 Ways the Top Gallant Room Makes Your Private Party Planning Easier

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When out-of-town guests are coming in for a big corporate event or for that lavish wedding you’ve been planning, you need a venue that can provide your party with the room you need to make sure everybody is comfortable.

The Top Gallant Room in the League Building is one of the largest indoor event venues Mitchell Historic Properties has to offer, and there are a number of advantages to it that can help your event go off without a hitch.

1. In The Kitchen

If there is one location that can have a party and be unlikely to run out of food during the course of that party, this would be it. The Top Gallant Room has a full kitchen inside, which means that your caterers can bring over the ingredients and not have to worry about things like spilled soups or crushed cakes before they reach the party.

2. Hot Times In History

There’s a long history of parties at this particular spot. Before the Thomas Jefferson League erected the building that bears his name in 1871, the site used to be home to the Moro Bar, a local watering hole for Galveston’s rich and famous. The bar, along with other buildings along a one-mile stretch of The Strand, burned down in 1869 in an attempt to cover a bank robbery.

3. A Nice, Neat Line

If you’re working on wedding plans, there is probably no easier event trajectory to plan if you make this spot the center. You can arrange to have the ceremony in Saengerfest Park, the reception in the Top Gallant Room, and the bride and groom can retire to the Tremont House for their wedding night. All by crossing just two little streets.

4. A View from the Top

Being on the third floor of a building certainly gives you a different perspective on historic areas like The Strand, and a very commanding view can be enjoyed by all.

5. After-Party Activities

Once the party’s over, your guests might want to stick around. And there are certainly places for them to do so. The RoofTop Bar at the Tremont House is a great place to grab a drink and Riondo’s Ristorante specializes in delicious Italian food for a post-party meal.

Mitchell Historic Properties

When it comes to finding space for private events in Galveston, get in touch with Mitchell Historic Properties today and see what we can do to make your event a smashing success.