8 Things Brides Love About the 2nd Floor of the Hutchings Sealy Building

Let’s say that you’re looking to find the perfect event venue that combines plenty of space with all the logistical requirements for a lavish dinner party, whether it’s for professional reasons or personal ones.

It has to be something a little classier than a mere banquet hall, but not so out of the way that invitees find it difficult to reach. May we politely suggest the 2nd floor of the Hutchings Sealy Building?

Here are eight great reasons to consider it for your next event.

1. It’s Roomy

At almost 2,200 square feet, the venue has plenty of room to seat a large number of guests. At the same time, it’s not going to be so big people get lost in it.

2. Easily Catered

Since it’s right on top of Riondo’s Ristorante, you’ve got venue and catering knocked out in one decision.

3. Full Bar

Pre-dinner cocktails or after-party libations are both easily taken care of right here without ever having to leave the room. While there’s nothing to stop guests from snagging a drink elsewhere before or after the party, you know your event is covered in that regard.

4. The View

Admittedly, folks may not be able to appreciate the view as much while they’re eating. But they certainly can walk about and enjoy it after the meal.

5. Easy Access

Sitting close to the corner of 24th Street and Harborside Drive, the Hutchings Sealy Building is easily reached from other major locations like Saengerfest Park or from hotel accommodations like The Tremont House.

6. Rich History

The building itself was originally a bank, and as a result was very sturdily constructed. It’s one of the few buildings in Galveston that survived the hurricane of 1900, so it can probably survive some vigorous dance moves.

7. Escape Routes

Particularly for those newlywed couples interested in literally sailing off into the sunset instead of driving off in a car with cans behind it, access to Galveston Channel and the charter boat companies that can carry them off across the water is close by.

8. Dinner and a Movie

If you’re very clever with your scheduling, you might just be able to schedule your particular party to come to a conclusion right before one of the Movie Nights in Saengerfest Park, putting a fun and relaxing capstone on a very nice evening.

Mitchell Historic Properties

At Mitchell Historic Properties, we invite you to contact us to find out more about all the great features of the 2nd floor of the Hutchings Sealy Building when scheduling your next private event in Galveston. You are also welcome to browse our full selection of potential Galveston wedding venues. We look forward to working with you.