4 Best Wedding Venues in Galveston

The best wedding venues bring the character and tradition of the past into focus while blending a bit of modern elegance and convenience for that special touch. A once-in-a-lifetime event, your special day is equally important to many of your loved ones as well.

When looking for that perfect mix of past and present for your wedding venue, it’s hard to pass by the offerings found in the Galveston Island area. Whether you want to be surrounded by miles of romantic beaches and draped in glamorous, sun-painted skies, or in the midst of the Strand National Historic Landmark District, Galveston features some of the most elegant and incredible venues you will ever experience.

Highlighted below are four locations worthy of even the grandest of celebrations.


The Hotel Galvez

Also known as the “Queen of the Gulf,” The Hotel Galvez is one of the premier wedding locations in the region. From the lush gardens and endless green landscapes of the Centennial Green to the quaint waterfall and colorful flowers of the Oleander Garden, the Hotel Galvez features some of the most breathtaking sights on the island.

With a professional and vibrant staff, this venue is well equipped to handle every aspect of your special day. Being able to relax at one of the finest Galveston wedding venues will allow you to focus on what’s important while you enjoy the moment with the one you love. Step out of the ordinary world and into your wildest dreams at the Hotel Galvez!

Hotel Galvez 2018

Photo Credit: Adam Nyholt.


The Tremont House

With nearly 16,000 square feet of space, The Tremont House features eight of the most beautiful wedding venues in Galveston, TX. The intricate and carefully sculpted architecture lends a sense of history and style to your special day that you’ll likely not find anywhere else.

This unique hotel helps to create an ambiance of elegance that will amaze your friends and family. The Tremont House is fully-equipped to handle a wide variety of wedding preparations on your behalf to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

Thanks to a convenient location in the Historic Strand District, your guests will find several local activities and boutiques within walking distance that are sure to fascinate and entertain during any downtime.

Tremont House 2018

Photo Credit: Daniel Colvin Photography.


Top Gallant Room

Offering the character and charm of yesterday with a splash of modern class, the Top Gallant Room has been restored with large and elegant events in mind. Located on the third floor of the famed Thomas Jefferson League building, this wedding venue is ideally suited for glamorous ceremonies and fantastic celebrations.

The historic brick walls harken back to a simpler time, while intricate antique furnishings and dramatic archways help to create that feeling of wonder on your special day. The broad double doors are ideal for a dramatic entry, and the full kitchen is well equipped for any celebration.

Placing particular emphasis on illumination and vision, the architecture of the Top Gallant Room has a warm and welcome feeling with numerous windows offering grand views of The Strand. Intricate and ornate light fixtures help to reinforce the concepts of light that are sure to bless your special day with love.

Top Gallant Room 2018


Hutchings Sealy Event Venue

Located above the celebrated Riondo’s Ristorante, the Hutchings Sealy event venue has been expertly designed for intimate and refined celebrations. With vintage chandeliers, antique wooden trim, built-in furnishings, and elegant place-settings, this location is perfectly suited for smaller groups with an eye for quality.

The pinnacle of Galveston wedding venues, the Hutchings Sealy event venue works hand-in-hand with Riondo’s to offer a worry-free experience to you and yours. Riondo’s has gained a bit of a reputation for their “Farm to Fork” offerings sourced from local farmer’s markets.

Your celebration will feature a host of regional delights sure to bring a true “flavor of Galveston” to each of your guests. Featuring only the finest in Italian seafood, bread, pasta, and desserts, Riondo’s Ristorante adds a tremendous sense of character and vibrancy that will leave only the warmest memories for years to come.

An exquisite moment worthy of the most important day of your life, The Hutchings Sealy Event Venue is best reserved well in advance.

Hutchings Sealy Event Venue 2018


For more details and booking information for these Galveston wedding venues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mitchell Historic Properties today.