The Famous Trumpet Sculpture in Galveston

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Galveston is one of the most popular tourist spots in Texas. There is something for just about everyone, including anglers, adventurers, shoppers, foodies, and history buffs. One of Galveston’s most notable features is the Trumpet sculpture. Learn more about this iconic fixture, its origin, and why it remains a key part of Galveston history.

What is the Trumpet Sculpture?

It is a sculpture titled “The Stone Trumpet”, created by David Adickes for the stage at the Louisiana World’s Fair Exposition that took place in New Orleans in 1984. It was relocated to Galveston in 1986 for the opening of a Jazz restaurant. Musicians might notice that it is actually a cornet rather than a trumpet. It is made from a mixture of steel and concrete and measures 14 feet tall by 26 feet in length. The sculpture sits in the Strand Historic District in Galveston.

Who is David Adickes?

David Adickes was born in Huntsville, Texas, and is a well-known Texan artist whose work has been featured in museums and art exhibits across the country. Adickes also made a name for himself as a talented sculptor during the six years he lived and studied in France. His first large sculpture, called the ‘Virtuoso’, is a 35-foot tall sculpture of a cellist. It was commissioned by the Lyric Centre in Houston in 1983. Adickes is also well known for his 67-foot tall Sam Houston statue located in Huntsville, Texas. The statue was erected in 1994 and is known as “Big Sam” to the locals. Additionally, Adickes is responsible for the ‘Heads of the Presidents’ sculptures, as well as, the ‘I Love Houston’ sculpture, all found in Houston.

Where to Find the Trumpet?

The Trumpet is permanently installed at 23rd Street and The Strand, beside the Old Galveston Square building. Since it is outside, there is no need to book tickets to see this modern work of art. Even better, access is always free. Visitors and locals can spend as long as they want examining the sculpture.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Trumpet?

When it comes to admiring the famous Trumpet, there is no single best time to view the sculpture. In fact, the perfect season and weather depend entirely on your reason for visiting. For example, if you want to spend time looking at the piece in detail, a clear, sunny day is best. If you want to take moody photos with the sculpture in the background, an overcast day gives you the atmosphere you need.

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Featured image: A G Baxter/Shutterstock