Hidden Architectural Beauties of Galveston

Hiding within the bounds of Historic Galveston, two magnificent pieces of yesterday stand as a testament to the artistic beauty of days gone by.

These properties once served as a symbol of prosperity, of culture, and of possibility.

Today, visitors from the world-over stop to wonder in amazement at this pair of hand-crafted masterpieces that bring so much character to The Strand National Historic Landmark District and pride to her residents.


The Hutchings-Sealy Building

The Hutchings-Sealy Building is a labor of love with a long-storied past. Designed in 1895, construction was completed just one short year later.

The building originally housed the Hutchings-Sealy Bank, though it would be many years before the defining touches would be added by Galveston resident Nicholas Clayton.

Clayton moved to Galveston following two local architecture projects at the behest of his employer, though he remained in the region for many years following his original assignment.

Near the end of a 20-year love affair with Galveston, Clayton would be assigned the monumental task of reconstructing The Hutchings-Sealy building.

His efforts were bold for the time, revolutionary perhaps, and serve yet as a reminder of what each of us is capable of.

The craftsmanship is brilliant, the style quite intricate, and the artwork remains as beautiful as it once was.

Truly one the finest hidden gems in Texas and quite possibly the entire South, The Hutchings-Sealy building holds far more for visitors than words could ever carry.



OGS 7-21-17

Old Galveston Square

The Old Galveston Square is nestled deep within The Strand National Historic Landmark District.

The numerous windows, large and grand skylights, and opulent atrium bring a palatial feeling to this hidden gem of South Texas.

With over 60,000 square ft of commercial real estate available, the building is home to several local retailers.

Owing great success to a convenient location and refined sense of elegance, these shops have become a bustling center of commerce.

The lower floor houses a number of finer retail establishments, while the upper two floors serve primarily as office space. Once a nearly defunct legend, the Old Galveston Square sits yet again at the pinacol of shopping experiences.

These buildings are currently owned, operated, and cared for by Mitchell Historic Properties.

The people of Mitchell Historic Properties have long been committed to building a sense of community while working to revitalize The Strand, Pier 21, and Galveston Island.

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