Spend Halloween at a Haunted Hotel in Galveston

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Are you ready for a “haunting” good time this Halloween in Galveston? The island is full of haunted sites, including some pretty scary hotels. Book a room at one of these local spots and really do Halloween right!

The Tremont House Hotel

Galveston tourism often revolves around The Tremont House Hotel. Located in the center of the Galveston Island historic district, this beautiful old hotel is home to many reported specters.

The most popular of these is the Civil War Solider. This ghost supposedly haunts the first floor lobby, bar, dining, and office areas of Tremont House.

People have been reporting sightings of him for more than 20 years (both guests and staff have said they’ve seen him). Typically, you will see (or hear) him marching back and forth up and down the length of the long hallway in the lobby. Maybe he’s watching for Union soldiers?

Hotel Galvez

Another of Galveston’s historic properties with reports of hauntings is the Hotel Galvez. The hotel actually boasts several ghosts and they can be found in many different areas of the property. Guests and staff alike report seeing these ghosts, the most popular of which is the “Love Lorn Lady.” She’s a very active spirit who can be found on the fifth floor of the hotel. She has been seen, heard and felt.

The Love Lorn Lady is said to be the ghost of a bride-to-be by the name of Audra. She was once a guest of the hotel while her fiancé was out to sea. While at the Galvez, Audra stayed in room 501. Legend says she often took the elevator to the eighth floor and climbed the ladder up onto the main roof, so she could watch for her fiancé’s ship. After a huge storm, Audra heard that his ship had gone down and there were no survivors. In her grief, she hung herself in her room. Unfortunately, just a few days after her death, Audra’s fiancé arrived at the hotel to meet his bride-to-be.

For this reason, room 501 is said to be the most haunted room in the hotel. Staff and guests report feeling sudden cold drafts. They hear slamming doors and often have seen the lights or TVs turn off and on for no reason. Sometimes odd lights are reported coming from the hotel’s turrets (where Audra would watch for her fiancé) and from under the door of room 501 when it’s vacant.

Mitchell Historic Properties

If you’re ready for a chilling good time this Halloween, book your room now in one of these historic haunts!

Who knows what you might encounter in Haunted Galveston!

For more information about these two hotels and other historic locations, contact Mitchell Historic Properties.