Trumpets Building in Galveston TX

Looking for a unique event space in Galveston? The Trumpets Building, on the second and third floors on the Old Galveston Square is just such a space. You and your guests will walk up a spiral staircase underneath a giant trumpet to enter, and enjoy beautiful balcony views overlooking Strand Street.

Located at 2217 Strand Street, the Trumpets Building is a two-story restaurant space in historic Old Galveston Square. There is a full kitchen and bar, making it the perfect spot for any event. The iconic, landmark trumpet faces Tremont Street and there is a glass conservatory for guests to enjoy as well as a 100-foot balcony overlooking the historic Strand.

Completed in 1870, the historic building is now home to office and retail tenants, as well as a gallery and salon. It is well known for its huge sculptured trumpet which once greeted the guests at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans.

The Trumpets Building currently hosts a number of exciting Mardi Gras events annually and the Lone Star Rally each year. The sponsors of these events know how exciting the space is, and what a great venue it can be for any type of celebration, so why not see for yourself?

Whatever your occasion, the Trumpets Building will not disappoint!

The Trumpets Building Features:


  • 6,592 square feet on the the first level
  • 4,250 square feet on the second Level
  • 804 square feet of balcony space overlooking scenic Strand Street
  • A full kitchen & bar
  • The iconic Trumpet sculpture in front, and
  • A beautiful glass conservatory

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Mitchell Historic Properties
Mitchell Historic Properties is actively involved in preservation efforts in Galveston. This privately owned and operated real estate company oversees a number of Galveston’s historic buildings, including a number of those located in the historic Strand District and Pier 21.

The Mitchells have been committed to the revitalization of Galveston for more than 30 years and they’ve invested more than $175 million into rehabbing the historic properties of The Strand National Historic Landmark District.

The Strand Seaport is full of life, largely due to the revitalization efforts of the Mitchell family.