Map & Reviews: Galveston’s Best Coffee Shops

Whether you’re a Galveston local or traveling to the area to enjoy all that it has to offer, odds are that you know there’s no shortage of fun things to do and see. Many people say that Galveston is Texas’ best-kept secret, though the word is quickly getting out about the community’s friendly locals, great shops and restaurants, and thriving Strand National Historic Landmark District. Just a short stroll through Galveston reveals the variety of places to enjoy, with the vibrant island city becoming a welcoming home for businesses of all types and sizes. A great mix of well-known companies and local, homegrown businesses can be found throughout Galveston, making it a unique community that truly has something for everyone.


Top-rated Coffee Spots in Galveston

For residents and visitors alike, one of the highlights of the city is its great variety of coffee shops and cafes. Galveston coffee shops run the gamut from family-owned spots to popular national chains, offering you plenty of options for your morning cup of joe. Whether your coffee tastes lean towards the traditional black coffee or you prefer something on the sweeter side, it’s easy to find your perfect brew thanks to all the great coffee in Galveston. Start your day off right with a steaming cup of coffee to warm you up or take a mid-afternoon break to cool off with a refreshing iced latte – whatever sounds good, you can find it in Galveston.

Here are our top three picks for the best coffee shops in Galveston:

Galveston Coffee Shops


Tremont Café

Tucked inside the Tremont House Hotel, the Tremont Café is a local favorite for quick, delicious coffee and tasty meals. It’s an especially popular spot for tourists and business travelers, thanks to its speedy service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and PC/TV hybrids in four private Internet booths. If you’re in Galveston for work, you can easily tackle your morning emails while enjoying a Starbucks-brand coffee and sweet pastry, including a giant cinnamon roll.

A 40-inch television hangs over the welcoming countertop bar, so you can tune in to the morning news or an afternoon talk show before heading back out to the bustling city streets. This friendly café combines convenience and comfort, offering a bistro-style menu in addition to coffee. You can dine on gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, and entrees, as well as fresh-made pizza from the café’s on-site pizza oven.

Top Rated Coffee Shops in Galveston


Riondo’s Ristorante

Riondo’s is an Italian restaurant that serves up authentically delicious Italian fare, including freshly-brewed espresso, cappuccino, and other coffee drinks. Located in the heart of historic downtown Galveston, Riondo’s Ristorante has been voted one of the most romantic restaurants in Southeastern Texas and has been honored with several awards and traveler’s choice mentions. It’s open for lunch and dinner and offers an excellent Sunday brunch menu with many delicious dishes that pair perfectly with a piping hot cup of coffee. Sip your Italian coffee of choice while you people watch from the restaurant’s prime corner location, enjoying the friendly passerby and taking in the historic architecture surrounding you.



You might be surprised to see this international coffee giant on the list, but there are plenty of reasons that so many people feel the love for Starbucks. With a wide selection of coffee and food, it’s a place you can count on for a good brew any time of day. This location at Harborside & 22nd Street is conveniently located near many of downtown Galveston’s highlights, making it an easy stop on even your busiest day.

If you’re an early riser, you can count on Starbucks being open first thing in the morning, and late-night coffee cravings don’t have to go unsatisfied thanks to this popular coffee shop’s extended hours. In addition to a varied menu that includes cold brew coffee, lattes, cappuccino, frozen coffee drinks, and hot chocolate, Starbucks also serves sandwiches, salads, pastries, and plenty of easy on-the-go snack options. Plus, with constantly rotating blends that include seasonal flavor combinations, you’ll always find something new to try.


Enjoy Everything Galveston Has to Offer

Now that you know where to go in Galveston for a great cup of coffee, you can plan the rest of your time in the city. For visitors and locals alike, the historic downtown area of Galveston has a great collection of shops and restaurants to enjoy, many of which are locally owned and completely unique to the area. Whether you’ll be in Galveston for just a day or are planning an extended stay, you’ll find so many things to do around town: shopping, dining, sightseeing, and more. The friendly, thriving community is host to a variety of events, so there’s always something exciting going on – especially downtown.

To learn more about all that Galveston has to offer, visit the Mitchell Historic Properties website for information about great shops and restaurants, local events, and more.