Electric Bicycle Rental and Scuba Diving in Downtown Galveston

Galveston is one of the country’s best year-round destinations, offering visitors and locals alike gorgeous weather and plenty of sunshine to enjoy in every season. Thanks to the area’s mild temperatures and beautiful coastal location, there’s no end to the outdoor fun in Galveston.

One of Galveston’s most popular attractions is The Strand Historic District, home to a wonderful array of local businesses, restaurants, and fun attractions. In addition to The Strand’s excellent shopping and dining, it’s also a great place to go for fun outdoor activities for people of all ages.

Here are just two of the exciting – and unique – things to do outdoors in Galveston’s Historic Strand District, no matter what time of year you visit:

Galvestion Zipp Ebike

Zipp E-Bikes

There are few things better than exploring a community by bicycle, coasting through the back roads, and hidden gems often known only by locals. But, imagine yourself atop a bicycle that takes care of all the work for you, powered by electricity and perfect for a relaxing journey through town. That’s exactly the concept behind Zipp E-Bikes, one of the more unusual tourist-friendly attractions in Galveston.

While bicycle rentals aren’t exactly a new concept, Zipp E-Bikes has added a creative new twist to the experience by providing customers with electric bikes to utilize around Galveston. The shop is located directly across the street from the historic Tremont House Hotel and is the perfect starting point for your Galveston adventure. The company has a wide range of electric bikes available, making it easy to find something that suits every age and ability. Even kids can get in on the fun, whether they ride their own bike or coast along in a safe, comfortable seat behind yours.

In addition to bike rentals by the hour and day, Zipp E-Bikes also offers guided bike tours. A local will take your group on a two-hour trip around Galveston, showing you many of the city’s historic highlights, unique architecture, and secret spots.

Zipp E-Bikes also has a full-service bicycle repair and bicycle maintenance shop for all types of bicycles, so don’t hesitate to bring yours in for repair so you can join the fun.

Texas Scuba Adventures

For a one-of-a-kind Galveston experience that takes you off dry land, check out Texas Scuba Adventures, which offers a variety of scuba diving packages and more. The Galveston company

provides both locals and tourists with an excellent source for training and certification, providing diving, scuba, and snorkeling equipment and education.

If you’re interested in other kinds of adventures, you can request an advanced open water course, spearfishing, or a charter for a dive to Flower Gardens Reef or local artificial reefs. Texas Scuba Adventures can also coordinate a custom group adventure, which is ideal for special events like weddings, family reunions, birthdays, and even corporate retreats in Galveston.

Texas Scuba Dive

Discover More Things to Do in Galveston’s Historic Strand District

Whether you’re planning a vacation to Galveston or are a longtime local looking to make the most of your hometown, there’s no shortage of fun things to do and see in The Strand. The Strand Historic District is the heart and soul of Galveston, home to the city’s most beloved shopping, dining, attractions, and events. Here, you can find a wealth of experiences to suit any occasion, from a romantic evening on the town to a family-friendly weekend. Surrounded by historic Victorian architecture, you can explore everything The Strand has to offer and discover this true gem of a historic district. Learn more about the many unique shops on The Strand, top-rated hotels in Galveston, and more information to help you plan your Galveston experience by browsing the Mitchell Historic Properties website and blog.