6 Summer Themed Wedding Ideas in Galveston

summer galveston wedding ideas

With the season coming up, summer themed wedding ideas are in full swing, and there are plenty of wedding venues in Galveston that would make for a great spot for a ceremony or a comfortable location for a reception. Let’s consider some ideas for the big day.

1. The Classic

There’s a reason that a lavish wedding at a big hotel is such a classic. Hotels like the Hotel Galvez have plenty of experience in these sorts of events. The staff certainly has all the right people on hand to deal with everything from the cake to the canapes to the DJ.

2. Wooden Ships and Iron (Best) Men

For those looking to apply some period costume flair to their wedding, and who are fans of nautical adventure such as “Horatio Hornblower” or “Master & Commander,” there’s a fully restored “tall ship” that could serve as the location of, or the backdrop for, a ceremony. You might have to bring your own honor guard with sabers!

3. A Pirate’s Wife For Me

Bearing in mind that Jean Lafitte’s pirate outpost of Campeche was here towards the end of “The Age of Sail,” having a pirate-themed wedding in Galveston seems oddly appropriate. And International Talk Like A Pirate Day is still technically in summer, albeit on the tail end, so nobody could fault you for combining the two.

4. The Colors Of Summer

Black and white may be traditional wedding colors for the groom and bride respectively, but summer is a time of bright sun and vibrant colors running riot. Think of distinctive colors like sky blue and grass green. Or if you really want to go wild, go with colors based off your favorite swimsuits and wear them under your clothes.

5. Guys and Dolls

Galveston in the “Roaring ’20s” wasn’t quiet by any means. While the speakeasies might not be around any more, there’s no reason that the groom couldn’t put on a pinstripe suit with broad shoulders while the bride wore a flapper dress to bring some of that energetic past to the present.

6. City Hall

Sometimes, a wedding doesn’t need to be all about the fancy cakes and expensive dresses. There’s nothing to say that you and your soon-to-be spouse can’t make your way to Galveston, go down to City Hall and get married in front of witnesses (hopefully close friends who helped you “get away”).

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