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Heidenheimer Hunter Building

One of the most popular icons of Galveston commercial real estate is the Heidenheimer Hunter Building. This three-story Italianate style commercial building is affectionately known to locals as “the Hunter”.

It was originally built back in 1877 by Sampson Heidenheimer and was first used as one of the largest wholesale grocery businesses in the state of Texas. It was later purchased in 1920 by Fred F. Hunter and was used for his printing and stationary operation until the 1970s. It was named a Texas Historic Landmark in 1987.

The building is currently owned by the Mitchell Family and is part of the many Galveston commercial leasing buildings that are operated by Mitchell Historic Properties.

The Making of a Modern Day Classic

Following the devastation left by Hurricane Ike in September of 2008, Mitchell Historic Properties embarked on a massive cleanup and refurbishment effort in the Galveston area. The Heidenheimer Hunter building was part of that effort which included replacing flood damaged walls and flooring on the first level of the structure.

In addition to the structural repairs, Mitchell Historic Properties also gave “the Hunter” an upgraded electrical infrastructure. This modernization effort gave this prestigious building the capabilities to handle the high-speed Internet and telecommunications capacity that modern day businesses need to thrive.

The eye-catching exterior of “the Hunter” has old world charm with its stuccoed masonry finish. It also proudly features Hood molds and pilasters that are marked in such a way as to resemble natural stone. Each of its three stories bears tall, ornate windows that allow ample daylight to enter in. Like many of the historic buildings in downtown Galveston, the Hunter building has a skylight that allows sunshine to penetrate each floor through its beautiful atrium.

The regal exterior of this sturdy commercial structure gives way to a luxuriously appointed interior. The renovations that have been completed by Mitchell Historic Properties have given this former grocery warehouse all the modern amenities that will make your commercial business the envy of all your competitors.

Popular Commercial Spaces are Available

With its convenient corner location and modern technological upgrades, “the Hunter” has become one of the most popular leasing spaces for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Showing the true resolve of the state of Texas, the Galveston Downtown Waterfront has recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Ike and has once again become a vibrant and thriving community.

If you are interested in occupying one of the best Galveston office buildings, then contact Mitchell Historic Properties today and make an appointment to see this one of a kind, historic landmark.

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