Featured Property: Hutchings-Sealy Building

Galveston Hutchings Sealy Building

The Hutchings-Sealy building, located on The Strand in Galveston, Texas, is a historic property representing one of the earliest examples of steel frame-based construction in the state. When built, it replaced the original Hutchings-Sealy Bank building, which had an older construction type and was in need of retrofitting.

Designed and built in 1895 and 1896, the building has since survived all storms and hurricanes that have passed through the area – including the 1900 storm that devastated surrounding structures and neighborhoods.

In 1982, the building the Texas Historical Commission adorned the building with a special plaque for Nicholas Clayton, the building’s architect.

About the Architect

The Hutchings-Sealy building is a landmark of Nicholas Clayton’s achievements when he was working in the area.

A native of Ireland who moved to Ohio in the early 1840s with his mother, Clayton went on to join the Union Navy during the Civil War, serving admirably. After the war, he went to Memphis and joined the architectural firm of Jones and Baldwin.

Jones and Baldwin fatefully sent Clayton to Galveston to supervise two company projects. Taken with the city, Clayton stayed in town and opened his own architectural firm. After nearly 20 years in Galveston, he was given the job of reconstructing the Hutchings-Sealy building and restoring the space to its former glory.

Building Style

Noted for its bold architecture, the Hutchings-Sealy building boasts an ornate façade and interior appointments of exceptional quality, reflective of its era. Even today, you can see the precise care and attention to detail Clayton employed when building this unique space.

Clayton’s signature style can be seen elsewhere around Galveston in the Ashbel Smith building, W.L. Moody building, St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Sacred Heart Church in surrounding Palestine, and the Old Main building at St. Edward’s College.

Spaces Available for Lease

Today, the Hutchings-Sealy building is just as strong and inspiring as it ever was. Located at 2326 Strand, adjacent to Mitchell Avenue, it is still in the heart of our thriving community. Leasing options are also currently available to utilize this historical, beautiful space.

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